An Introduction to Catholics in America Politics


When I found out the topic of this years Ramonat Seminar I immediately wanted to apply.  I grew up in an Irish Catholic household on the Northwest side of Chicago.  I am the duaghter of a small business owner and grandaughter of a former Chicago police officer.  I also attended Catholic school most of my life, including an all girls catholic high school in the north suburbs of Chicago, gradudating with only 68 other girls.  At Regina Dominican I fell in love with American history so I believe this topic is perfect for me.

With the amount of school shooting and gun violence that has plauged this country these past few years I believe that gun control and the second amendment are important topics in politics.  Immigration has also shown up in the news after Trump seperated families at the border and more recently with the Mollie Tibbetts case.

There are many political issues from the past that are still present today, such as abortion and war.   Workers’ rights and childrens’ rights have also came up in politics in the past.  Catholics vote with morals.  For example they most times will vote for a pro life candidate because of the moral questions that come with abortion.  As for gun control Catholics tend to side with stricter gun control because of the amount of gun related murders in recent years.  The Catholic church even has a set of standards for just war.

I am very intersed in Catholics in politics and I am very excited to learn more about it and to see where my research takes me.



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